Cover of A Little Sex, A Lot of Dope, and an Aircraft Carrier

A Little Sex, A Lot of Dope, and an Aircraft Carrier

In 1976, a boy with history walked up the gangplank of the USS America as an ordinary airman. Three years later, he was cat-shot off the boat for the last time as “Cap’n Drift.” Rebel, MIL-SPEC toker and airplane catcher extraordinaire, Cap’n Drift departed with a new chapter written into his history, but he left more than he took.

A Little Sex, A Lot of Dope and an Aircraft Carrier is the first deck-edge perspective of a Kitty Hawk-class supercarrier in the navy that was: grease-stained, rolled in Turkish papers and screaming on afterburner. This is not an authorized history. Fact-checkers have been silenced by any means necessary. Cap’n Drift is not really an officer.

But this story is as real as it gets.

ISBN: 978-1-935878-04-9
E-ISBN: 978-1-935878-05-6

By Cap’n Drift


Drift has retired to the PNW where he lives in a small shack with his companion of 25 years. When he isn’t pitching horseshoes, or sitting at the keyboard butchering the English language, he is active in prohibition reform. His views on the subject can be found at Look for his next work From[…]