Cover of The West is a Golden Paradise

The West is a Golden Paradise

Fiddling at language with the effervescent grace of an Irish raconteur, two-time NEA Fellow Sean Brendan-Brown elevates the bitterness of post-Dream dead-enders from self-indulgent solipsism to sympathetic epiphany. Dusty icons of a rusted-out American West — Colts and Rugers, cowboys and native dancers, hookers and soldiers and Christ in passionate embrace with life — are sparingly lit by the long-shadowed burn of apocalyptic sunsets and the slow rhythmic glow of hand-rolled cigarettes.

ISBN: 978-1-935878-00-1

By Sean Brendan-Brown


Sean Brendan-Brown, a medically-retired Marine, has authored two poetry chapbooks (No Stopping Anytime; King Of Wounds) and the fiction collection Monarch Of Hatred. Upon graduating from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Sean taught writing at the University of Iowa, the University of Southern Mississippi and Washington State University. An NEA Fellow in both Poetry (1997) and[…]